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Cheries & Peppers Babies

Cheries Babies born 11/22/22 ( ready Jan.17,2023)

2 girls & 2 boys. ( all reds)
Only 1 boy Nova still available  
Pepper had 4 stunning Dobie marked Babies on 11/24/22 Thanksgiving Day. 
2girls & 2 boys
We have 1 BOY avail named Chili
Pet Only at $1250.00
Full AKC at $2000.00


2 Boys still avail.  Nova & Chili

Buyers may view their weekly photo updates on the Private page ( Puppies on hold/adopted page)..Must be a member (to join go to my contact page and scroll down to subscribefollow up with an email to me with you name and I will login and approve your subscription membership.

Remember, If you have Adopted a puppy  & pd for AKC Papers ( Full ) 34.99 Registration fee is due at the Time you pick up your puppy, .So Please, try to decide on a name and Provide this to me so I can get your papers to you Promptly. The sooner you have the name , the sooner the registration can be done. Thank you..( For Limited papers please discuss with me Prior to your adoption as restrictions & fees  Apply.) 

Reasons to Adopt a male over a female:

                    Males are cheaper to neuter.Most will always squat to pee, no Marking.

                    Males recover quicker from the surgery generally as a rule.

                    A Male tends to be more attentive when grown than a female  ( Mine are) , a female is the one on alert & will bark ( Mine are) !!


When taking a new puppy home you want to make sure he/she has a safe area to stay while sleeping or while your busy or have to be gone. I highly recommend the IRIS Play yard sold ON Amazon, best investment you'll spend besides good health care and diet,lol.. This play yard can also be shaped in an Oblong shape to fit along a wall flat. It also has a door so later puppy can come and go freely.  Place the puppy's bed on one end, food /water in the center along the back panel and potty pads on the other end, throw a few toys in and the puppy area is complete !!! Small puppies do not learn to hold their bladders until they are a bit bigger so we want to make sure they have the proper area to go in , not the floor or beds,lol.. Hope this helps all you new puppy owners !

 Go to Amazon and type in Iris Play pen ( you can also purchase the extension panels and give your baby a large area to play safely .

Another plus a Mesh Top to cover them when outdoors .

Reference to sizes: 

Chinese Imperial          (Est, adult up to 6.8 lbs)

           Imperials       (Est. adult 6.8 up to 9 lbs)

 Small standard to Standard (9 up to 16 lb)


If you have contacted me for one of my babies and plan to adopt then HERE is the next step REQUIRED: Go to: Complete the application and click submit. WHY? You ask: I REQUIRE A Completed application prior to any Puppy Adoptions, this is also used to screen all applicants as to what their plans are for this puppy AND that they understand some terms apply. I am sure everyone understands and should appreciate my concern for the Dogs in today's world. Thank you so much for your attention to this matter and for visiting my Shih Tzu Family.

Kandee & Mi-Shu Litter Born 03/15/14

Comments from a few current buyer of my babies !!!

Kaylee Adopted and has Gone to her new home: Congrats Barbara , TN. and 
        Ty for making the long drive in the get her! Below is a snap shot of a Post By Barbara referencing her vet Exam of Kaylee, I'm very pleased to have made both happy! lol

Little Bow (Adopted and gone to his new family ( TY Carly and Justin for adopting again !)
CARLY SAYS: I cannot tell you how glad Justin and I are to have crossed paths with you. Bucky and Bow bring great joy to our lives and are so fun to watch. Bucky sure is glad he has a little brother to grow and play with! You are such a wonderful, honest breeder and truly care about your puppies quality of life. And I love that you make yourself available for any questions or concerns we have. Thank you so much for these two furry bundles of joy. They are perfect and loved more than they know.


You can follow these new babies on the Newborns Page.  We will post them here after they are 2 wks old.
Proud Mom and Dad !!

All Parents are AKC registered Shih Tzu....(Ref. Avail. Upon Req.) AKC Inspected and 100% in compliance..

 All Families who have adopted a puppy get site membership where you can enjoy, great reading on puppy training, pet supply links, and photo updates from other families..So, don't forget to apply for membership, its free, we don't charge, Just GO TO my CONTACT PAGE, Scroll down to The Subscribe Box.   lol But it is for My Puppy families and A few select Hobby Breeders for the Breeder education page. IF You are hoping to breed please email me and we can give you some great starter information and a support group where you can Obtain continued Education from hands on experiences of over 70 breeders in one Place! I am all about the Proper Education and Well Repaired breeder, new or old, Kennel Business or Hobby, no difference when it comes to a Good Quality bred and raised Puppy.


All Registration Fee's are charged at the time of Puppy Pick Up  (34.99 AKC Current Fee) This Fee is not included in adoptions, if you want papers the fee goes to AKC & must be paid. All Registration Certificates shall be mailed from AKC to you once all Adoption Contract terms have been met..

Puppy Application required Before You Adopt


Letter from one of my Puppy owners (July 2012)

It is with great pleasure and pride and also my duty under The Federal Mothers Right To Brag Act to announce Mademoiselle Pixie Dixie Belle de Vachon aka Pixie has been asked by Dr.Carol Carpenter Houston, D.V.M. River Road Animal Clinic to join the Nursing Home Care Dog Program because of her endless gentle love and her adoring expressions from her tiny little face with eyes that sparkle.  After some classes Pixie will engage with the elderly to brighten their day, ease stress and anxiety, and provide comfort like no other.
Have a Safe Weekend!   Sherry

Marshas Pup at 5 wks (ALL Adopted) (Playing with new toy:LOL)



Awarded Aug 9th, 2010



Award received May 2010!

Congratulations on winning the Website Award!

 Awarded June 2010

The Website Award is awarded to outstanding dog websites. Only a select few websites are honored with the award each month, and your site was chosen for the award this month. So congratulations on winning the award!

All are Well Started on the Pee Pads! De-wormed regularly, Socialized and Comes with at least 1-Set of Vaccines or more Based on age and well groomed. 

Dont Forget to watch the Adorable Video of some Of my past babies Playing below , so keep scrolling down!



All Litters Adopted as Pet /No papers unless Others wise posted or requested by you, AKC Application Papers cost is 30.00

Puppy play Pen is a Must, it's the best investment you will ever make.  here is a small one , great starter pen and baby sitter for those families who must leave their puppy for time periods. This way your puppy has a Puppy Proof, safe area, not really confined to a crate.

This Play pen is on Sale right now (Feb 10, 2011)  at Walmart: Only $56.00 (wow)

See full Details on site:

 This one is what I use to raise my litter in while thye are small: The Play yard can be shaped to an area and also add more panels to it to enlarge it.Can be used all thru adult hood.

Recent Letter from FL.

This is from one of my beloved Puppy owners, they have little Maia! From late 2009, thank you Lou for all the nice updated pics and letters of Priase!

 This is Maia: Predicted to Lighten to a Stunning Powder blue! I was right!

"June 12, 2010: Deborah I wish I could have 3 dogs because we love Maia so much . I could have 10 dogs like her . She is the best little dog in the world , she's not just beautiful , she's smart and funny and just a plain love. She turned out to be pure white with a slight blue on her back and face .  Lou"

Proud to Be a Member of:


Sizes and colors can not be guaranteed: Colors change and sizes can only be estimated to best of our knowlage and experience. Exercise and diet plays a key roll in the size your puppy will be and that is out of our control once they leave our care. I do chart their weight from birth on so I am normally very close.  I also check the underscoat regularly as here is where you see the coat changing and you get a better idea of what the baby will be. 

All-Breed and Obedience Clubs Located in My Area. Great place to start with some puppy training
Please visit AKC website for the most current and complete list of clubs.

Kanawha Obedience Training Club
Scott Depot, WV      
Cindi Robusto (Pres)
(304) 549-4037
Get Directions

Magic Valley Kennel Club, Inc.
Hurricane, WV     
Gene Mcdonald (Delgte)
(304) 755-8472
Get Directions

Beckley West Virginia KC
Mullens, WV      ~53 mi.
Kim Cassida (Tres)
Get Directions
Parkersburg Obedience Training Club
Albany, OH      ~62 mi.
Potc Club President (Vp)
(304) 422-0013
Get Directions


Puppies Below are not For Sale: These are all adopted

SPECIAL GIFT!!!!! To Enrich a Life is Priceless, The returns are endless, To GIVE is to Receive, Riches are not found in our Pockets, But in our hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!  Try it, this was my 3rd Puppy donated between Dec 2009 till June 30th 2010.  My return is the JOY I see in these lives daily. 

Dugan was our first puppy We donated as a Christmas/Birthday Gift: Gifted to a Cancer patient named FRANKIE in hopes it will lift his spirits and Get him through his Kemo.

Cancer takes alot out of Heart, body and soul.  It effects your desire to wake up each morning and go on.

 "I KNOW" I am Now 29 years Cancer FREE!!!!"  YOU GO FRANKIE!!!! We will Pray for him

FRANKIE is in remission and he and Dugan visit Me Every week! Life is good.


Please scroll on down the page for more INFO on males, neutering and more!!!!!!!!!

IF you are looking for a Lazy, quite Pet, Lap baby, well then a Male is the way to go, read why!

Reasons to purchase a male over a female:

                    Males are generally cheaper to purchase.

                    Males are cheaper to neuter.Most will always squat to pee, no Marking.

                    Males recover quicker from the surgery generally as a rule.

                    A Male tends to be more attentive when grown than a female  ( Mine are) , a female is the one on alert & will bark ( Mine are) !!

If you want to be added to our waiting list or Pick of the litter, scroll down to the bottom of this page to see how this works.

NOTE: All Visitation appointments must be made for Sat. or Sundays only & 1 week prior please, I have alot of families visting their babies at times and I like to take the same time with each family.  I offer training classes to children which teaches them the proper handling and daily care of their new puppy that will arrive soon.

 THANK YOU SO MUCH, I want to make sure everyone can visit regularly.


Warning--any person and/or institution and/or Agent and/or Agency of any governmental structure including but not limited to the United States Federal Government also using or monitoring/using this website or any of its associated websites, you do NOT have my permission to utilize any of my information nor any of the content contained herein including, but not limited to my photos posted. You are hereby notified that you are strictly prohibited from disclosing, copying by any means, distributing, disseminating, or taking any other action against me with regard to this website and the contents herein. This website is Strictly for your Viewing pleasure alone. The foregoing prohibitions also apply to your employee(s), agent(s), student(s) or any personnel under your direction or control. The contents of this profile & Website are private and legally privileged and confidential information, and the violation of my personal privacy is punishable by law.

copyright dst 2007-2011


 Our Puppies will come Pre-Spoiled and PAD Training Well on its way . We also provide each family with:

A Nice Puppy pack with a small sample of their current puppy food.  All pups are wormed at 3 , 5 & 7 wks. First shots and groomed before they go to their new families. Each will come with a Health Guarantee and their AKC & "  CKC if registered with CKC " registration application  papers with the Purchase agreement. All pups go home with handout that give you home instructions, care and feeding included in their puppy kit.  And last but most important, I am here for any other need that you may have long after you take your new puppy home, just a phone call or email away!  I promise, just ask some of my puppy owners!!!

WE Are Offering   Pick Of the lItter or a Waiting List on upsoming litters. 

Specifics Of Either a Waiting list/Standby or Pick of the Litter and the fee requirements. 


Puppies will be sold on a first come/ first serve basis at age 4 weeks, unless you are on a list which means you have priority, you are given picks prior to this age.  Puppies will not be held without a deposit. 

(1)  Standby Waiting List: (Requires a $25.00 Non-Refundable Fee) which will be credited toward your Deposit once placed.

(2) PICK OF A LITTER: Only 2 places are held per Dam (1st  )  And (2nd) litter pick. (FEE $100.00)

You may be placed on a Standby list or Our Pick of the Litter List as described below (2):

PICK OF THE LITTER" LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS ARE OFFERED:  ($100.00/ fee increases in 2013 to 200.00 )


Most Pups produced here are (SMALLS TO A SMALL STANDARD, at TIMES WE DO HAVE TINY'S OR CALLED IMPERIALS again, We can not Guarantee what WILL Indeed be produced till they are born ) , Pick of the litter spots are offered for Male or Female (Based on Sex Alone)  and placed on the Parents you have reviewed in Advance. IF A PUPPY IS NOT PRODUCED THAT FITS THE REQUEST YOU MADE IN A LITTER SUCH AS MALE/FEMALE  I OFFER TWO OPTIONS:

If I did NOT Produce a puppy based on the sex (male/Female) you requested you may : TRANSFER YOUR FULL DEPOSIT TO THE NEXT AVAIL. LITTER OR ANOTHER CURRENT LITTER OR YOU MAY ASK FOR A REFUND OF 50 % if full dep . was placed ONLY IF YOU DON'T WISH TO WAIT.... If your Dep. was placed and you ask for a male/female and I produced one then the deposit is not transferable or refundable. 


 A  DEP. IS REQUIRED FOR PICK OF THE LITTER SPOTS AND IS APPLIED TO THE PURCHASE PRICE.  We can Never guarantee the Sex or Sizes of pups that will be born to a litter, we can only hope. As for Color I can predict with Certainty with the Livers when i breed a liver to a liver ok. I do NOT refund any Money if a Buyer places a deposit for a Pick of the litter spot or waiting list and just change their mind on taking any puppies for any other reasons than the ones I have listed.  If you requested a female and I do not produce any females then and Only then could you ask for half your dep. back if you choose Not to wait on the next litter.

Buyers will be ask to make their pick at 4 weeks of age or forfeit all their deposit that has been applied. At that time I will disclose all info on each puppy in your litter, you will have 3 days to decide. Once you have chosen your puppy the balance of the dep. is required within 5 days. Your 200.00 THAT WAS PRE-PAID is applied towards the required deposit (350.00-400.00)at that time. My Deposits are 350.00 to 400.00 , the higher the cost of the puppy the higher the deposit required.. 

 Example: Buyer paid 200.00 for pick of the litter spot, at 4 weeks they pick their pup, they then only owe the balance of the unpaid dep. required 150.00 to 200.00 (based on what I have set that puppy's price at)

 STANDBY WAITING LIST : Fee increase effective 2013 from 25.00 to 50.00

REQUIRES $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE FEE AND IS APPLIED TOWARDS THE PURCHASE PRICE. THIS HOLDS YOU A SPOT FOR A PUPPY . BY 5 WEEKS OLD YOU ARE NOTIFIED WHAT PUPPIES ARE AVAIL. AFTER PICK OF THE LITTER OWNERS HAVE CHOSEN THEIR BABIES BUT, BEFORE THE LITTER IS ADVERTISED TO THE PUBLIC. IN MOST CASE'S THERE ARE NO PUPS LEFT TO POST TO THE PUBLIC ONCE THE WAITING LIST HAS BEEN FULFILLED!!! The Fee is non-refundable but may be Transferred but, only to the next available litters. (In most cases I will have 2 litter's born within 1 to 2 MONTHS of each other ) so your wait would not be long. If for any reason I can not offer a Buyer any puppy within a year I WILL refund their FULL Deposit.

Note: When you are Looking for a particular color such as a Solid color Red, remember this puppy will be dark at birth and lighten up as it matures. In all colors there are various shades of that same color (Example: Reds: Dark red, med red, light to light golden red) When I except a dep. For a red then it will range within these colors. I can Not guarantee a dark or a light, only a red. I Do not accept Pick of the litter dep. For a puppy on it's point colors such as: liver or Blue request, we can only hope for these colors and dep. Are not refunded based on these point colors. Requests are taken for gender only but I will note and dirrect you to the most likely Litter that may produce the color you are looking or hoping for, I am pretty good at that, it is a bit harder if it is the dams first litter ok.

Deposits are non-refundable unless the breeder can not fulfill the puppy order placed as stated above for Pick of the litter. Fee's are non-refundable if breeder has produced what the buyer requested but buyer refuses the puppy , If you are on the standby-waiting list the fee is only refunded if no puppies are produced AND There are no Upcoming litters planned & Due within 8 months. The buyers fee's are transferred to those next avail. litters only if A Buyer request a transfer in writing. Otherwise the 50.00 fee is forfited.



If you are looking for a rare Blue or Imperial and really don't want to wait on one of my upcoming litters there is a  breeder located in Southern Ohio that has current puppies that are Blue's and Some imperials most of the time. Email me for details.

I Love puppy time, it is my favorite time of the Day!!  You need some Kisses, we will share!

 All our litters are registered : AKC , ask if you need CKC registration as most can be registered with Both. 

              NOTE: Looking for a Pet or Are you planning to Breed???

 If both parents are double registered then their litter will also be double registered. 

Limited Registration (No Breeding/Spay or Neuter Contract req.)

Full registration (With Breeding Rights)

Pre- Approval is required for Breeding rights.

House Breaking Your puppy/ Few Tips:

 For housebreaking, try to take your puppy out every 3 hours throughout the day, or right after any exercise inside, too. Soak an old rag wherever the dog "pees," and leave it in the same spot outside, or else clorophyll in the grass with eliminate the odor too soon. Then go right there, every time and take some treats for when he/she performs. This worked for me within several days!

Also, get puppy pads & leave one just outside your door to get the puppy going outside in a place you can move him fast! A private trainer also told me never leave the dog at large inside. We keep his leash attached. I put a makeshift bed by this computer desk, another near the TV, another in the kitchen. If he/she is in the mood to roam, I'll tie the leash to something near me. He/She just loves this.

If you work outside the home, and don't have kids, hire a local kid to walk the dog while you're away (pet sitters charge too much,) so the young dog is never alone too long. And if you aren't already, confine the puppy to the kitchen, laundry room, or crate when gone, provide a place for pee-pee (Paper/Pad ).

It should only take a week or two of doing these things consistently before you have a well-housebroken puppy, provided he's at least 4 mos old. Before that, they just don't have the bladder and bowel control. The pup will learn faster with reward, rather than punishment, so make it very rewarding for him to go in the correct place.

FOR MORE INFO and Low cost Pet Supplies, see my Q& A Page, scroll down and see alot of bargins on Pet Meds and Supplies, you will be glad you did!!!

Homemade Pet Urine Elimenator: 

For urine on carpets, use a mixture of a little dish detergent (Clear), 3 parts water and one part white vinegar. Pour on area, let set for 5 minutes, Dab-up lightly, let dry.




Don't monkey around, email me now!


Official PayPal Seal

Please read our information at the bottom of this page on MALES, they truely do make the best companion if you are looking for a Pet as your new family member, they are such calm little boys, just wanting to cuddle and please.

They tend to stick by your side on the couch, chair arm or your lap when ever you desire their attention, they are there!  Make sure you have decided what you are looking for in a pet before deciding the sex you want, it makes some difference.  Girls are great!  just not as attached as the males. All Shih Tzu make great pets and are very loving and devoted to their families.

There is good news for those of us who like our male companions and want to Neutor them ASAP! 

Medical technology has caught up with the veterinary world.  They have made great advances and are able to start neutering males now at, as early as 8-10 weeks, I sugjest waiting till 14 weeks of age due to their growth plates.  Although some of the vets are still holding out for 5-6 months, it is safe for males at these ages. If you would like a few Vets in Our Area that I have references on please, feel free to email me!  I am happy to help anyone in need.

It is being done at earlier ages in the big cities.  It is also less expensive to neuter a male.  Less of a surgery and they recover quicker.  And usually a male that is neutered young never really knows he is a male.  Meaning he will squat to pee. 


So let's see:  Reasons to purchase a male over a female:

                    Males are generally cheaper to purchase.

                    Males are cheaper to neuter.

                    Males recover quicker from the surgery generally as a rule.

                    A Male tends to be more attentive when grown than a female ( Mine are) !!


We may have several sizes in one litter but, remember:

 "If it states it will be a Small they will be slightly higher in price than a Standard.

Also If it states this pup will be an Imperial "It will be quit a bit higher in price.

Please contact me for prices that are not listed.  

All smalls and standards will be priced when they are Placed in the Nursery, not until. 

You may see them on the newborns page for viewing and watch them develope and grow until age 3 weeks at that time

they are all moved onto the Nursery Page and their size, colors and price will be posted.

Special colors and smaller sizes are priced a bit higher than standards.  Imperials are not listed  as early as the the smalls. Very Tiny Imperials do not leave me until the age of 12 weeks, larger Imperials at age 8 weeks. This due to the factor of their tiny weight and can not receive their vaccinations until they are at least 2 Lb. So they ramain with us a Bit longer.

Drop Me an  email:


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